Why Choose Us

(ē- kwə-li- brē-əm): a state of physical balance; a calm state of mind.

At Equilibrium, we are passionate about our client-focused approach to wellness, where health is not defined as an absence of illness, nor strength measured by the size of a dumbbell you can lift.

We work one-on-one with clients to identify each individual’s strengths and challenges. Whether you’re a pregnant woman dealing with sciatica pain, an elite athlete recovering from spinal injury, or a retiree seeking the strength to improve your golf game, we craft a wellness program specifically targeted to reach each your personal goals.

Our inviting, airy studio in the beautiful Madison building in the heart of Montclair, NJ, features a full line of Gratz equipment crafted to Joseph Pilates’ exacting specifications. Each of our instructors is internationally certified with extensive training and experience, bringing their unique perspective and knowledge to the studio. With a full range of expertise and resources in physical therapy, nutrition, and mindful exercise, we love to help people live healthy, happy, and balanced lives.