I came to my first Pilates class 2 years ago with over 25 years of studying, practicing and teaching Yoga.  Honestly, I was surprised at how many poses were difficult for me.  Through a commitment to the Pilates practice I can feel and see a big improvement in the way I can execute the poses.  Thanks to Pilates, I have more stability in my pelvic and shoulder girdles.

Equilibrium is aesthetically pleasing, very clean and the classes are really small.  It’s all-good!

- Patricia K., Montclair, NJ

I have never felt so strong and confident.  As I am aging, I will be 65 on July 4th, I have lost 2 sizes, I feel great and am able to do activities I never thought of doing at this stage of my life.  I have become an avid white water canoer, biker, and a speed walker (I MEAN SPEED)!  Oh by the way, I was also diagnosed with RA 8 years ago, which has caused some physical challenges.  This is where Equilibrium Montclair rises and shines! Knowing what I needed the trainers have designed a program to help build up my effected areas while challenging my total body and mind!

There are many benefits to the Equilibrium studio – Audrey has the guidance of the nutrition and Betsy can decorate the studio like no other place in the world.

- Mary G., wife, mother, office manager, and a Pilates fanatic, Totowa, NJ

Pilates helped me experience a smooth, quick and complete recovery from a mastectomy. As soon as the surgeon told me I could start exercising again, I returned to Pilates.  

With the help of two very skilled Equilibrium instructors, I had full range of motion one week later.  The mastectomy was on the right side and I’m right handed so getting that full range of motion back was a welcome relief.  I chose the expander version of reconstruction and continued to do Pilates three times a week throughout the expansion shots.  Pilates really helped me deal with the discomfort of the expansion.  Three months after the mastectomy I had the permanent implant inserted.  I was able to return to Pilates one week after that surgery and again quickly regained full range of motion.

I have continued to do Pilates three times a week and it has been over four years since the mastectomy.  Every woman I know that has had a mastectomy and reconstruction has had some kind of shoulder issue.  I never experienced any such issue and I attribute my lack of subsequent issues to Pilates.  In four years of searching I have never found any other form of exercise that stretches the affected muscles as completely and deeply as Pilates.  My plastic surgeon marvels at my recovery, and I believe, suggests Pilates to those who ask about exercise.  My breast surgeon calls me a show-off when she sees my range of motion.

Every so often at work I have to change the bottle in the water cooler.  After I have done so, I say victoriously to myself” Mastectomy Schnmectomy”!  

Thank you Equilibrium!”

- Debbie S., West Orange, NJ

Regardless of what sport you are engaged in, it really helps to have stronger abs and midsection. Pilates has helped me develop these muscles and running is now significantly easier for me. I really enjoy working with Betsy, who is a trained gymnast and an outstanding athlete and Pilates instructor.

- Steve W., Montclair, NJ

I came to Pilates with the hope of addressing the issue of low bone density. And I am happy to report that the bone density in my lumbar spine has increased over the past three years since I began Pilates; in fact, my score is actually higher than normal! Thank You Equilibrium!

- Nancy G., Montclair, NJ

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the Pilates program that you both encouraged me to take. I was skeptical as to your claims that it would improve my golf game, but I am now in agreement. It has been a year since I started my two times a week regimen and there is a noticeable improvement in both my flexibility and core strength. As a 66 (70) year old, there is constant amazement as I limber up before playing golf and place both my palms flat on the ground with my knees locked straight and stay there for 30 seconds. My ability to twist and turn at the waist with flexibility and increased strength has me hitting drives 240 and 260 yards and sometimes more. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work, but don’t tell my golf partners our secret.

- Alan G., Totowa, NJ

I've had the pleasure of working with Audrey for 10 years and, though I'm way into senior citizenry, my body is as pleased as I am.  Audrey has gently, persistently and effective helped me have more confidence in my body, and to enjoy being in my body a whole lot more than before.

- Elaine B., Upper Montclair, NJ

I have been doing Pilates at Equilibrium for almost five years now, but I think I knew within the first few months that it would be a part of my life forever. And I can't imagine a better place to study and practice then at Equilibrium. The talented instructors there give new meaning to the word skilled. They challenge me to push myself, master new skills, and deepen my practice at every lesson. Their support and encouragement never falters. I was so inspired by the instructors at Equilibrium that I have entered the "Romana's Pilates" teacher training program at True Pilates NYC. It's the people that make Equilibrium so special, and I hope one day to follow in their Pilates footsteps!

- Christie D., Upper Montclair, NJ

I was extremely tentative when I first decided to dip a toe into the Pilates ‘pool’. Terribly out of shape and not athletically inclined, the prospect of getting started was daunting. Yet the incredibly supportive atmosphere created by the entire staff at Equilibrium made those first intimidating sessions a pleasure. After six months, the benefits have been tremendous; I couldn’t go back to life without it. Working with Karen has been fantastic. In addition to being a certified Pilates instructor, she’s an accomplished dancer and dance instructor. In her always cheerful and genuinely encouraging manner she never fails to provide a challenging (and somehow, fun) workout. Come on in, the water’s fine!

- Bill G., Montclair, NJ

Getting older is a challenge, more so feeling older. However, about 2 ½ years ago, in my early 60's, I signed up for Pilates with Betsy (and occasionally some of her colleagues). And THAT has made all the difference!

I have several health issues—a lumpectomy with scar tissue, scoliosis and a partial spinal fusion to boot. With constant attention to all my 'peculiarities', Betsy has worked with and patiently guided me, even after carpal tunnel surgery and broken toes!

Within a few weeks of working with her, I found I could put on my jeans in the middle of the bedroom without leaning on something—new BALANCE! I could turn my head enough to back out the driveway—new FLEXIBILITY. I can now stand in line and sit in planes for hours without aching—new STAMINA! I can walk forward instead of bobbing sideways, like I was on peg-legs and wow—I can dance and wiggle my hips again! Friends who haven't seen me in ages have commented on how tall and youthful I look.

And that's the best part! I feel younger and flexible again as I can scramble down the stairs and off the floor after playing with grandchildren. Years of physical therapy and various weight training and aerobic programs were helpful, but with Pilates, I have finally hit the jackpot and I look forward to many more happy, healthy, and strong years!

- Ellen M., Maplewood, NJ