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At Equilibrium, we are passionate about our client-focused approach to wellness, where health is not defined as an absence of illness, nor strength measured by the size of a dumbbell you can lift.

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5 Pilates Exercises to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

To watch a free video of 5 Pilates exercises that will alleviate your lower back pain and help you return to the activities you love and want to do!

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We work one-on-one with clients to identify each individual’s strengths and challenges. Whether you’re a pregnant woman dealing with sciatica pain, an elite athlete recovering from spinal injury, a retiree seeking the strength to improve your golf game, or a busy mom trying to get the most out of your workout, we craft a wellness program specifically targeted to reach each your personal goals.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it…

  • I came to Pilates with the hope of addressing the issue of low bone density. And I am happy to report that the bone density in my lumbar spine has increased over the past three years since I began Pilates; in fact, my score is actually higher than… Nancy G
  • Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the Pilates program that you both encouraged me to take. I was skeptical as to your claims that it would improve my golf game, but I am now in agreement. It has been a year since I started my two times… Alan G
  • I came to my first Pilates class 2 years ago with over 25 years of studying, practicing and teaching Yoga. Honestly, I was surprised at how many poses were difficult for me. Through a commitment to the Pilates practice I can feel and see a big… Patricia K
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