The ulimate aim is to be at home in one’s body, to be at one with nature of onself, and to experice exercise as a creative and delightful experience.

 – Juliu Horvath


GYROTONIC®is a blend of yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and dance. GYROTONIC®is performed on specialized equipment with a unique arrangement of weights, straps, and pulleys. Unlike other conventional methods of exercise, which utilize linear and isolated muscle movements, GYROTONIC® emphasizes spiraling, circular movements that flow together seemlessly in rythmic repetitions. GYROTONIC® couples specialized movements with focused breathing patterns, resulting in heightened mind-body awareness.


Juliu Horvath is a Hungarian who was born in 1942 in Romania. He loved movement from an early age and participated in swimming, gymnastics, and rowing in his youth. At the age of 19 he began to study dance and was a principle dancer for the Romanian National Ballet Company. He later became a prinicple dancer for the Houston Ballet. While with the Houston Ballet Juliu ruptured his Achilles tendon, bringing his dance caeerer to a standstill.  He began studying yoga and went on to develop “Yoga for Dancers” or what is now known as GYROKENSIS®. In the 1980s he opened his own studio where he refined the movement and developed GYROTONIC®.


GYROTONIC® now encompasses over 9,000 trainers in 52 countries. GYROTONIC® is used by a wide range of practitioners, and is appropriate for all fitness levels, ranging from beginner to professional athlete.

Benefits of GYROTONIC®

Students experience:
• Increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion
• Improved neuromuscular coordination, balance, and day-to-day function
• Minimized impact of arthritis
• Boosted athletic ability in golf, tennis, skiing, dance, swimming, running, and more
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