Introductory Package

Our Introductory Package is a great way to acquaint yourself with Pilates or Gyrotonic®. The package includes six private sessions or five private sessions and three group classes — tower, mat or CARDIOLATES. In just a few short sessions, you will look and feel better. From improving your golf or tennis swing to more enjoyably playing with your child or grandchild, the movements and principles that you learn in these sessions can be incorporated into your daily routine.

introductory package

Introductory Package

Private Sessions

In a Private session, you will be instructed on a variety of equipment true to the original design of the method’s creator. Your personal instructor will design a routine to meet your particular level of coordination, strength, and goals. This allows you to work at your own pace while learning the principles, movement, and language of Pilates or GYROTONIC®. Your instructor will make adjustments in your form, alignment, and quality of movement that will make a difference in your posture, breathing, strength, and daily movement. Both methods require focus and visualization, so you may find that your session provides an escape from your ordinary routine and concerns.

Private sessions are especially recommended for beginners, those with injuries, or limited experience with movement or exercise.

private session

Single Session

Five Sessions

Ten Sessions

Twenty Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

A semi-private session is two individuals working with one instructor. In your session you will use a variety of Pilates equipment and mat work is almost always included. Duets work very well for friends or spouses who wish to workout together.

semi private session

Single Session

Ten Sessions

Tower Mat Class

Tower mat class is up to three participants to one instructor. Tower classes are the best of both worlds utilizing the tower, or wall unit, with low impact springs and resistance training in conjunction with traditional mat work. This flowing workout targets the whole body.

tower mat session

Single Session

Ten Sessions