Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Equilibrium is unique by incorporating the Pilates method in rehabilitation. Pilates is extraordinarily adaptable to work around injuries and offers a safe and very effective form of movement particularly under the instruction of Tom’s extensive background in both Physical Therapy and Pilates.

Tom Lavosky is an accomplished physical therapist with extensive clinical experience. Committed to achieving superior patient outcomes, he is credentialed in mechanical diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders by the McKenzie Institute and is certified by Polestar Education as a practitioner of Pilates for rehabilitation. Consistently providing cutting edge, evidence-based treatment, his expertise includes lower extremity biomechanics and injuries, spinal rehabilitation, and dizziness/vestibular disorders.
Tom’s approach is based on hands-on, personalized care, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of your physical status. Taking into account your specific personal goals and the results of your evaluation, Tom then creates a program customized just for you.  A part of his commitment to providing high quality care, only one patient is booked at a time allowing for ample treatment time at each subsequent visit, for ongoing individualized attention.

Insurance & Fees

We are an in-network provider for traditional Medicare. Most medi-gap and secondary insurances cover all or a portion of the deductible and coinsurance.
Private Insurance:
Due to stagnant and low reimbursement rates of most private insurers, many of which have not changed for the last decade despite an increase in the cost of living, we have opted to be out-of-network providers. This decision is based on our commitment to maintaining one on one personalized care. Additionally, it is our belief that care should be determined by you and your physical therapist—not a claims adjustor or third-party administrator.
 As a courtesy to our patients with private insurance, we will verify your out-of-network coverage, coordinate any necessary documentation, and submit claims electronically.
Health Savings Account / Flexible Spending Account:
Our services are covered by health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts.  These often-overlooked benefits are a convenient and sensible way to manage your healthcare finances.
Motor Vehicle Accident / No Fault:
Under the guidelines of NJ PIP, we are eligible to provide physical therapy care to patients who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Our staff will work with your claims adjuster to ensure coverage of your treatment.
Fee for service:
For patients whose insurance plans do not offer out-of-network benefits or who chose not to use their insurance, fee for service is an option. Rates can be discussed prior to the initiation of treatment.
Services are not offered for litigation cases where payment is on a contingency, e.g., Letter of Protection.