Equilibrium has made a three-pronged approach to COVID-19; distancing, sanitation and health protocols.


Contactless payment options are available. If your card has the NFC symbol (looks like a wifi logo on its side) you can wave it over the credit card machine. Credit cards can be taken over the phone and a mailed check is always welcomed as well.


The disinfectants for the equipment have been changed to BioequeBotanical Disinfectant and/or Benefect Decon 30. Both are food grade, don’t need to be rinsed after application, and are on the EPA’s N list of disinfectants proven against Covid-19. There is a vinyl cover for the gyro bench and pillow to allow for easy disinfecting. Additionally, a UV-C light has been purchased to clean accessory pieces such as foot straps, pads, magic circles, and hand weights. High touch areas, such as doorknobs, will be wiped down frequently throughout the day.

A professional multistage air purification system has been installed in every room. The intellipure system traps and eliminates potentially harmful ultrafine particles at 40x the efficiency of a HEPA filter.

Health Protocols

All staff members will be vigilantly monitoring their own health. All staff members will stay home if they are exhibiting cold symptoms. All staff members will be wearing face coverings. Staff members will wash their hands in between sessions. We also ask clients to abide by the same health and safety standards as the staff.